Paper vs. Printed Muserie - What is Paper Muserie?

Short answer: I have two print on demand stores in Zazzle. The original is of course called Printed Muserie. Also? Paper Muserie is another store I created in Zazzle. Most - but not all of the items available there are made of paper. Read: wedding invitations and related materials (such as envelopes, RSVP cards, thank you cards, postage stamps,) graduation announcements and related materials, (similar to the wedding stuff, but in this case also might include an announcement AND an invitation and sometimes a combo of the two, plus stickers, maybe some paper napkins and an "advice for the new graduate" card, for a bonus.)

This is a Good Time to Point Out That This is Sort of an Essay About One of My Zazzle Learning Curves

To Continue Answering the Question About What's the Difference Between Paper and Printed Muserie:
Alternate, also true answer:
it's a confusing little decision I made when I was trying to create as much clarity in my Zazzle store as possible. Stores. My intentions are pure and I did not mean to confuse you. In truth, I'm hopeful that this decision will definitely work out to be A Very Fine Thing Indeed. But today there could be some confusion. Why do I say this? Because sometimes it confuses me, and I built the store.

To explain. Which means we've now come to the Longer answer: I created a store in Zazzle called "Printed Muserie" which happens to be the same name of this site. Boom. So far so good. But the more I designed and the more I learned about how the whole Print on Demand animal works, and more specifically, the more I learned about how Zazzle works and about just how much there is for us to explore on the customize and personalize and otherwise edit your designs front, the more I realized it might just be a good idea to separate out the paper products from the other things like leggings, t-shirts, pillows, welcome mats, and even silly ole ping pong paddles. True enough! That DOES make sense!

Sometimes, Though, Separating Your Products Into Different Stores Is NOT Such An Obvious Choice

But then we get into some gray area: let's say I've created a bunch of things celebrating the bride-to-be and all her bridesmaids. Maybe the wedding suite of designs has tons of paper products but I also want to include matching products with complementary designs. Like mugs, compacts with mirrors, buttons, tote bags, even t-shirts that say "bridesmaid" in the same font and color scheme. Turns out, too, that it might be cool for a bride to carry a phone case or key ring that says "The Future Mrs. Collins" to convey her pride and excitement. These things are not made from paper. Also, I had begun designing graduation invitations and I'd also created a little starter suite of holiday invitations through the Printed Muserie label before I even came up with the idea of Paper Muserie. And, also, plus: thus-far, nearly all of my business cards (and wee note cards created with business card technology) are sold through Printed Muserie.

So Now What???

Okay. Here it is: this is simply not an exact science. And so I promise you this: I will do the best I can for you, and it is my hope that I am creating ways to keep things moving as smoothly as possible. A handy bonus is that I'm allowed to make it so that my collections can show up in both stores and so when there are a lot of paper products in a certain design, I'm likely to do that: set up the collection to show in both stores. But if a design really exists on things like light switch plates and night lights and throw pillows and travel mugs... chances are there's no good reason for me to put any products I've designed in this manner into the Paper Muserie storefront. A great rule of thumb (I'm making this up right now so maybe in time I'll find other rules, but for now let's try this,) seems to be that I'll put a product into the store where it seems to make most sense. But sometimes there will be some fuzzy gray areas and so it's good for you to know that I have both these stores. Oh. A great example would be post cards. I have them in both stores and I usually create them in the store that I've been working in on any given day. But not always... :)

Rambly Summary In Case That Wasn't Enough

The most important detail for you to know is that I created both Paper Muserie and Printed Muserie as shops meant to promote my designs and my brand. (Ahem: wanna be more confused? There's also jewelry, because I first conceived of Muserie in the first place sometime in early 2016 when I was exploring the idea of how many of us know the tips and tricks to become our own muses, in a manner of speaking, and many of us know how to seek out creative inspiration on a regular basis. I sure didn't mean for that to become confusing. Muserie in and of itself is all about expression and inspiration and creativity, whether we find it from within or we go outside ourselves to charge our creative batteries.) The goal was to keep things straight and easily compartmentalized. But sometimes it's just not as tidy as I'd hoped for and when those instances occur, I deeply appreciate your patience. There's not a lot of linear forward motion around here. It's generally organic and meandering and creatively charged by a million internal and external forces. And that's not likely to change.

For my part, though, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have of me and I hope you won't hesitate to ask if you do.

Now go enjoy some muserie for yourself. Whether the kind you find in my online stores, or in a way that has absolutely nothing to do with me whatsoever. As long as you get your creative juices flowing.